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With the Grayl travel filter in 15 seconds a glass of nice and filtered water! Reliable, fast and simple. No tools or other tools needed. The housing is durable, light and robust – can also be used in harsh outdoor conditions.

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The Grayl travel filter is the innovation for the (world) traveler, outdoor sportsman and in emergencies.

Always have clean and filtered water at all times. You should have this filter with you during your trip or your outdoor activity. It should not be missing in an emergency package. It provides complete protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), chemicals and heavy metals. The bottles are easy to seal and can possibly be used as a drinking bottle *. Parts are easy to disassemble and clean.



  • Water filtering anywhere in the world
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals
  • Fast, simple – in just 15 seconds – filling, pressing, drinking
  • The ultimate virus protection
  • No batteries, no chemicals needed
  • No pumps, sucking or pressing
  • Easy filtering up to 150 liters
  • Tested according to NSF Standards 42 + 53

Filters through the latest technology in the field of water filtration.

The process of electro-adhesion and ion exchange takes place when the filter is pressed through the contaminated water. At submicron level pathogens including viruses, bacteria and protozoa are filtered out of the water. The different layers of activated ultra-fine carbon powder provide a very large surface area with which small particles and toxins (chemicals and heavy metals) are removed. Silver-treated zeolite provides an antibacterial effect, leaving the filter cartridge free from bacterial growth.


of all viruses
 (rotavirus, norovirus, hepatitis A)

of all bacteria
 (e-coli, salmonella, cholera)

of all protozoa
 (giardia, cryptosporidium)

 (chlorine, benzene)
heavy metals   (lead, arsenic)
particles  (sediment)

Tradeline is the agent for the Grayl travel filter.   The innovation in the field of travel filters from the USA

* if you use the Grayl as a drinking bottle, you leave bacteria behind during drinking. Make sure you regularly clean the bottle to prevent unpleasant odors from these bacteria.


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